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March 24, 2017

Though golf is considered a moderate risk activity, an in-depth look at golf reveals that overuse and poor technique can result in serious injury. At first glance, the golf swing may appear to be a relatively simple move. However, the swing requires a synchronized effort of muscle strength, timing, and coordination to generate high club-head speeds, often more than 100 mph. Golf injuries originate either from overuse or from a traumatic origin and primarily affect the elbow, wrist, shoulder and the lumbar area. In regards to shoulder injuries, the lead shoulder, or the left shoulder in the right-handed golfer, is particularly vulnerable to injury. Common shoulder problems affecting golfers include rotator cuff tears, long head of the biceps tendon injuries, shoulder impingement, osteoarthritis, and shoulder joint instability. Most patients sustaining a golf related shoulder injury will respond to nonsurgical treatment, such as rest and a physical therapy program including: (a) muscular strengthening and flexibility; (b) a pre-game warm-up routine; and (c) the adjustment of an individual’s golf swing to meet their physical capacities and limitations through properly supervised golf lessons. At the Cleveland Shoulder Institute, we highly encourage the adoption of our “Five Week Interval Golf Program.” This is a structured progressive rehabilitation program aimed at accelera

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March 8, 2017

Dr. Reuben Gobezie, MD, Founder Cleveland Shoulder Institute, GO Ortho, Regen Orthopedics

Cleveland Shoulder Institute patients are often surprised to learn the majority of shoulder surgeries performed here are now done outpatient. Led by nationally renowned orthopedic surgeon Reuben Gobezie, MD, Cleveland Shoulder Institute performs hundreds of shoulder surgeries every year. Dr. Gobezie has found that patients recover better at home and are happier when able to check out sooner following a procedure.

Dr. Gobezie has refined shoulder replacement surgery to the point that it only takes 35 minutes in a highly-controlled environment and results in little blood loss. The less time the patient is under anesthesia, the better the recovery. There is less risk of infection, increased patient satisfaction, and higher quality outcomes based on function and pain with a home recovery. Patients walk out with their arm in a sling and are home the same day.

“We make shoulder replacement surgery as easy as possible for patients at Cleveland Shoulder Institute,” says Dr. Gobezie. “We cater to each patient and their caregiver in the weeks leading up to surgery with educational information, and a series of physical t

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July 19, 2016
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May 29, 2014

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