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The Cleveland Shoulder Institute’s Dr. Reuben Gobezie is a six-time Patients’ Choice Award winner. This honor is bestowed on less than one percent of physicians nationally, and is the result of online patient ratings of their medical care.   We encourage you to share your feedback!

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Very impressive! I think Dr. Gobezie was the best surgeon to fix my shoulder (massive rotator cuff tear) and feel I was very lucky to find out about him. He was highly recommended by a local orthopedic surgeon, has a great personality and you quickly feel very comfortable with him. His staff is also very competent and friendly. I would absolutely recommend the Cleveland Shoulder Institute.

Anthony B.


Gobezie and his staff are the best. All very professional and I definitely recommend them. I had pain in my elbow for about two years and Cleveland Shoulder Institute recommended I go with conservative forms of treatment: cortisone injections and physical therapy. I’ve noticed a big improvement.

Zedan G.


Dr. Gobezie is the consummate professional. Top of his class in everything he does from surgery to post-operative care.  He is compassionate, keeps us informed and very likable.  As for staff, all are excellent.  I would recommend the Cleveland Shoulder Institute to anyone.

No name provided


I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gobezie. He and his staff have taken good care of me from the start of this entire process. I start rehab for my shoulder soon, and they have provided me with excellent service and results thus far.

No name provided


I had pain for three years that impacted my mobility and quality of life. Dr. Gobezie performed a reverse replacement and I noticed improvement a month after the surgery. I’m now able to move my shoulder without pain. The experience was great and I would recommend him.

No name provided

Dr. Gobezie and his staff are very professional and I have already recommended the Cleveland Shoulder Institute to others. I had been in constant pain from arthritis for about a year. I tried cortisone injections and then had surgery. The pain is mostly gone and I have improved range of motion.

Dale E.


Dr. Gobezie is probably one of the most positive doctors and human beings you could ever run into. His staff was great. I have recommended Dr. Gobezie to many others. I am so glad I did more research for my second shoulder surgery and that I am back playing golf again!!!

I experienced shoulder pain for many years and found it was a torn labrum. I had my first shoulder surgery by a different provider and the pain became worse, which was a huge blow for me being an avid golfer. I actually thought I would never be able to play golf again, and people would comment that shoulder surgery can be very difficult to recover from. So I decided to research and find another shoulder surgeon. I searched for top shoulder surgeons in North America and was so glad to find that Dr. Gobezie was in the Cleveland area. He performed my second surgery, and I felt so much better. I was recovered and back to swinging a club just three months later. My right shoulder that was operated on feels better than my left hand shoulder.

Martin M.


I injured my shoulder in a fall over a year ago and had both nagging and sharp pains. I had surgery at the Cleveland Shoulder Institute and was very satisfied. I would absolutely recommend them. The office was professional while still being comfortable and casual. The staff respected my time and I was even seen before my scheduled time when I showed up to the office early. I found the “patient resources” section of the website to be very helpful. Keep up the good work.

Craig M.