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January 2, 2018

Many family members have asked us how to best prepare for post operative care of the shoulder. The key thing to remember about any healing process is to respect it. It takes time. The patient should have someone ready to help drive them home from the procedure and help at home for the first few days after surgery. Controlling pain during the first few days is essential. Most physicians send their patients home with a limited amount of pain medication. These should be taken according to the exact recommendations of the patient’s doctor. The patient should not drive while on pain medication. Be prepared to help with meals and/or run errands as needed. The most important way to control pain is to properly support the arm. Help the patient adjust the arm sling when they are standing up. Gravity will help, and the arm will hang comfortably. Most doctors recommend wearing the sling when walking around and while sleeping. They will be able to take it off while sitting, resting or showering. You don’t want the sling to be too tight. No pressure should be applied to the surgical sight. Ice is crucial for recovery and pain relief. Icing the surgical site for 15-20 minutes every few hours is highly recommended. We have had patients purchase in-home ice therapy pumps that can be very helpful with post-operative pain control. Showering can take place 24 hours after surgery. The patient sh