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January 16, 2018
shoulder impingement syndrome

Shoulder impingement syndrome can best be described as a recurring ache/pain on the outside upper part of your shoulder when you raise your arm to shoulder height Sometimes referred to as swimmer’s shoulder, this syndrome is common with people who perform repetitive arm rotations when exercising or working. These types of repetitive stress injuries are also common in those with assembly line jobs. Impingement syndrome occurs due to pinching and inflammation of the rotator cuff tendon and bursa in the space below the acromion (see photo). The pain is worse when the arm is raised away from the body. It is a very common condition that, if diagnosed early, can be treated very effectively. Impingement usually occurs from repetitive and chronic compression of the rotator cuff tendons in the subacromial space. These tendons help hold your arm in place, provide shoulder stability and enable movement. Damage to any one of the four rotator cuff muscles could result in inflammation and swelling and general pain in shoulder, or cause shoulder impingement. Rotator cuff tears and impingement problems can exist separately or together. It is possible that rotator cuff tears are the result of impingement syndrome and age-related changes within the rotator cuff tendons. Additionally, aging patients may develop arthritis which can cause bone spurs (boney growths formed on a normal bone) these f